Each month we will continue to tell Gloria Dei’s story as we celebrate 150 years as a congregation doing God’s ministry in the Central Hillside of Duluth, MN

The below video is about David Ericson, Duluth Artist whose family immigrated to Duluth from Sweden in the late 1800’s.  He painted (ca 1905) in memory of his mother, the Altar Painting, “Ascension” at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church where she was a member of the congregation.  The painting was destroyed in a fire at Gloria Dei in Feb. 2016.

This below video is about the 2019 “Faith” Stained Glass Window at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church which honors all those who have been part of our faith community for the past 150 years and beyond.

The below video celebrates our Swedish roots at  Gloria Dei Lutheran Church in Duluth, MN. Judy and Roger Oman, long time members of Gloria Dei take the time to chat with Linda Kalweit.

The below video is our Gloria Dei member, Ebba Brooks telling the Sankta Lucia Story at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church in 2012.

The below video is a fun mix of short video clips taken at various Sankta Lucia celebrations (2012, 2013, 2016 and 2019) at Gloria Dei.